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Hello Chicago [Aug. 9th, 2014|09:58 pm]

On the 5th of August, I was fortunate enough to operate the inaugural EK235 flight to Chicago. I got to work with the best set of crew of all time, meet VIP passengers (several of whom I had met on flights before), and see a fantastic city.

The flight was on the local news.

Urban Outfitters makes me want things. Expensive things.

My very good friend was on the flight. We spent the whole morning on the beach.

We got our feet wet, and then she led me through half an hour of yoga.

She said this masseur really knew his craft.

This is Bruce, if you're ever in the area.

Sprinkles Cupcakes! I'll make a separate entry about this later.

We had Vietnamese for lunch at La Colonial.

What a beautiful day.
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Cat Day! [Aug. 9th, 2014|07:38 pm]

Here is my belated (by one day) entry for International Cat Day. On 28th December, 2002, Don and I found this very sick and malnourished, four month old kitten, crying in the cold. We gave her the obvious name "Tortoise," after her coat colors and the Japanese rock and roll god, Tortoise Matsumoto. (Who was born on 28th December, look at that!) She was the size of an eight week old kitten, but was likely born in August. So her birthday could be today, or even yesterday ~ Cat Day.

She's unusually intelligent and affectionate, and still very small. When she meets new people, she'll stand up to help them pick her up, and usually give them a little kiss on the mouth (for catless readers, this is oddball behavior for a cat). She likes to ride in cars and explore outside, and will willingly climb into her harness. Once I took her with me to pick up a table I had ordered, and she stood patiently on the counter at customer service while we waiting, watching passersby as they double-took at her presence. Last time I picked her up from having her teeth cleaned, the vet said, "How did you get her to be so sweet?" I didn't do it, she's just a sweetie.

I'm using her as an armrest as I type this. She's curled up and squeezing her face with her paw. She's so cute, I can't stand it.

Tortoise in sad shape, upon being brought into the gas-heated indoors.

Tortoise yesterday! She's groggy and contented after Cyrus gave her a tongue bath that went on for at least fifteen minutes. Happy Cat Day!
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"That's a glory, that's a glory!" [Jul. 27th, 2014|02:22 am]

Image linked from nasa.gov

I wish I had tried to take a picture, but on the 24th of July, I saw an example of the optical phenomenon known as a glory with my own eyes, for the first time. A couple of years ago, a disembarking passenger showed me a video he had taken of a glory during the flight. I said, "that's a glory, that's a glory!" The captain was standing there next to me, by the door, and said, "sometimes it happens, it's caused by the shadow of the aircraft on the clouds." The passenger said he was going to put it on youtube. I said, "what will you call it, so I can find the video?" He said "Emirates flight number [whatever]." I said, "you have to put 'glory' in the title!" Then I ran to get my weather field guide out of my bag, and chased him up the airbridge and made him take a picture of the page explaining glories.

So on Thursday, I visited the cockpit on the way to Joburg. I remarked that the ocean of clouds beneath us was quite scenic, and then I noticed the glory, and pointed it out. "Yeah," the pilots shrugged. At least one of us in the pointy end thought it was cool.
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Little Girl Kitty [Jul. 17th, 2014|02:09 pm]

I realized it has been exactly eight years since my youngest kitty, Kali, was brought in from her hard life on the streets. Where does the time go? She was about eight weeks old when Don and I found her, so I guess her eighth birthday was around mid-May. Happy birthday, tiny goddess!

Kali when she was small.

Kali today. She's sitting on the dryer where it's warm, challenging me to chase her away.

I don't think my computer runs warm, so I can only guess she is sitting here because that's where my attention goes.

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This Salad Is A Soup [Jul. 12th, 2014|08:23 am]

Carrots, celery, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and red bell peppers. And a little onion and garlic. All raw except the tomatoes, which I boiled to remove the skins.

Garnished with a baguette (that's yummy Earth Balance spread) and tarragon. The tarragon does a lot for the finished dish.

I followed this recipe to the letter: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/06/health/blender-gazpacho-with-celery-carrot-cucumber-and-red-pepper.html. The only thing I changed was to use cherry tomatoes and remove the skins. Next time I might reduce the garlic to one clove; I did remove the green part (a first for me) but the after-garlic is a bit strong. I think it's a fabulous recipe; expectations exceeded.
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