Arabic Wedding in Texas

Good evening, dear LJ friends. I have a working computer, after a long time. Please enjoy a scene from our wedding.

Neither of us has much dancing experience, but I had a big ole dress. So I shook shook shook it. Then Sameer's mother tied a jingly thing to me, and I shook that. Then they lifted me on a chair, but that's for another video.

Later, my new MIL told me she felt like she was back in Damascus. That felt kind of special to me.

How are you today?

Babes in Berlin

I went to Berlin with some girlfriends. We rode bicycles and visited museums and generally acted like grown-ups. Most of the time.

Firstly, we flew in on four separate airlines, and managed to find one another. From left to right: Danielle, Aseya, Hind, Chu-Hi.

Then we figured out the public transportation. This brought us much happiness.

We got ourselves some bicycles.

All about cold war era Berlin, depicted in chalk.

Berlin has an island in the middle of it.

This is an immaculate Holocaust memorial that is meant to be experienced.

They made me do this.

Oh, the food, by the way. Every restaurant is either vegan, or has a vegan section of the menu. This is purple carrot juice from a vegan fine dining restaurant called Kopps. We brunched there.

We found an art market, full of fascinating original concepts. I loved these beautiful ceramic tiles by Santa Tosta.

We spent hours in the famous Pergamon Museum.

More food: this was a Thai/Vietnamese restaurant on our street. We also enjoyed Mexican, Japanese, and Indian food on this trip to Germany.

Masaman curry, Vietnamese/German style. So fresh!

We put our hands on an orb, because we heard that to do so was all the rage.

The last day, we had breakfast at House of Small Wonder.

Then we went to a flea market. By this time, I was used to seeing sights such as this.

Berlin is cheerful. I'll definitely go back.

I was in Phuket today

I landed back this morning. The resort was pretty and the town was cute. Take my word for it.

For premkudva, restoman, et al.

Lots of this...

And of course, lots of this.

I was excited about this cat cafe.

Mango salad and morning glory, my favorite things.

That one night a few days ago, when the whole Abu Dhabi crew was in Phuket at the same time.

Actual view from our veranda.