susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

The Aircraft Post

Emirates' lone commuter A310: our smallest a/c, with older (less sexy) livery.

Singapore's Tiger Airways. Its first flight carried 80 underprivileged children, free.

Japan Airlines. I love the subtlety of the rising sun on the tail.

I took this out the aft left-hand door of an Airbus 330-200 on ground in Nairobi.

I was in the airport for a few hours in Hong Kong on April 27 when I saw the live coverage of the Airbus 380 maiden voyage. The cockpit crew said it handled "like a bicycle." I'm trying to imagine how it will feel to fly the "green giant." In a Boeing 777-300 there are easy miscommunications among the crew from one end of the aircraft to the other, even with 10 interphones. With the 380, will half the crew be strangers even by the time we reach our destination? Will we recognize each other?

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