susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

To late or soon to make (noise about) love and there's no time for sorrow... (Kilimanjaro!)

This Kenya rose is for me mum!

We like the moon... 'cause it is close to us.

But not as much as a spoon!

Everybody took home armloads of flowers from Kenya. (Except me - I took home
armloads of mangoes and avocados.)

Kilimanjaro... Whatchoo are-o!

(Okay, I confess I failed to go on a safari in Kenya. I just went shopping, and then went shopping some more, and brought home a suitcase full of handicrafts (wooden masks, wooden hippos, those colorful African shirts). I did the same thing a few days later when I went to Bangkok - palaces? Temples? I don't know about those things, but there's some great shopping at Patpong Road and MBK. Color me daft, but it was good fun.)

(p.s. It's Don's fault that Letterbox and Kilimanjaro have become linked in my mind, so blame him if (like me) you're walking around singing "You never know what you'll find when you open up your letterbox tomorrow: Kilimanjaro!")
Tags: africa, kenya, nairobi

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