susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Little Kitties

So a nearby vetrinary clinic was holding a Feline Friends open day. LOTS of kittens and "second-hand cats" for adoption. For some reason, "rescue cases" aren't as popular here as at home; at least, it seems to me that everybody wants to pay $500 for some kind of certified purebred, even though there are tons of sweet kittens that are practically free for the taking. (Maybe for the same reason you never see anybody driving an '89 K-Car around my neighborhood - just muscle cars and Benz M-Classes.) Anyway, even though we couldn't ask her, we were sure Tortoise was hoping for a sibling... a pet of her own, if you will.

This is Biscuit! He's about 8 weeks old.

Tortoise is still a little jealous but being pretty civil overall.

Jason can attest to Tortoise's fondness for tugging elastic-bound piglet.

She wants to bean you with it; she waits for you to walk into its path.

Her other new hobby is chasing blinky things on the television screen.
She's a fan of LOST, incidentally.

Speaking of LOST, can it get any scarier? The last three episodes have been bloodiest and creepiest so far. Not to mention sad! Man, the Saeed episode ripped my heart out. And the self-administered blood transfusion. And model airplane man.. *sniff!* I hope the next episode is Walt-centric, don't you?
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