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LOST theories and numerology

Daniel! revjim!! I tried to finish this in time for you to see it before your LOST party. I copied the bits I found interesting into this entry, so you wouldn't have to follow the links. (I'd suggest following the MapQuest link, though, cuz it's neet.) Most of it is related to The Numbers, but I threw in some other snippets that intrigued me, as well. Hope it adds to the excitement tonight! ponders the significance of the name 'Theresa' in Locke's vision:
Also, sidenote, St. Theresa's day is October 15, (10/15) but October is named so because it was originally the 8th month, (making it 8/15). Emily, (Locke's mom) told him that he was immacuately concieved, and in her file that the investigator showed Locke, one her driver's license, her birthday is 10/15. is an interesting entry in which each of the 6 numbers is connected with the Tarot. Go there if you want to read the whole thing. Someone added:
The numbers add up to 108, which wulfgyr connected with the number of times a bell is rung on the New Year, especially in shrines and temples.

Also, from what I know of Buddhism, the significance of 108 is:
The bell is rung 108 times because man has that many sins, and ringing the bell one hundred and eight times is said to rid us of them. This aspect of redemption is especially important around the New Year, when everyone has a clean slate of sorts...a new beginning.

This makes me want to check the numbers in the I Ching. A feng shui link sent to me by doc_cathode earlier today said, "The numbers in the 8 Trigram chart represent perfect balance. Summed in any direction they total 15." Hmmmm.
Here are the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 used as coordinates in MapQuest.

Numbers are repeated in
The number 815 appears within the sequence of numbers 4815162342. 815 has made a few appearances and all of them associated with bad luck:

Plane crash - Oceana 815
Kate’s safety deposit box - The deposit box number was 815
Charlie’s copy machine - the copy machine number is model t815.

Did you know about this next one? I went back and watched the bit with Boone and the radio again, and I believe the other person is saying "we're". Man, did that give me goosebumps.
It definately sounds like, to me anyways, that the person on the other end is Boone as well, and they're saying "But we're the survivors of Oceanic 815." The other person uses no military protocol or even protocol that an air traffic controller would look for. It sounds like that they're surprised to hear even anybody, showing that they may be stranded as well.

On a side note, did anyone catch what aisles the footballs are in? Those crafty Lost writers.

"Regular footballs in 8, nerf in 15."
When Flight 815 first crashed, there were 48 survivors by the end of the pilot episode. In "Tabula Rasa," the U.S. Marshall died, leaving 47, a character named Joanna died in "White Rabbit," leaving 46, and the murder of Scott by Ethan in "Homecoming" left 45 survivors. Boone's death in this episode leaves 44. In a flashback, Jack's fiance Sarah is wearing a t-shirt that has a rather large '44' on both the front and back.
Hey, if you subtract the pilot and Ethan, that gives you 42. Though I don't think they were part of the original count.

Go to for a very imaginative breakdown of Kate's license plate that she changed: is a discussion of the characters' names (all of them, not just Locke):
John Locke (b. 1632, d. 1704) was a British Philosopher who came up with the philosophy of "tabula rasa" or "blank slate". He believed that babies are born blank and the mind is empty before it receives the impressions gained from experience. We acquire knowledge from the information about the objects in the world that our senses bring to us. Locke also believed that individuals acquire knowledge most easily when they first consider simple ideas and then gradually combine them into more complex ones.

"Tabula rasa" also refers to a need or an opportunity to start from the beginning.
In this thread, possible anagrams for Ethan Rom are suggested: Other Man, Another M, The Roman... Am Hornet? It's silly, but it's fun.
The 'sickness' issue: It could be that they just went crazy, but it could also be something else. Maybe 'the island' as Locke calls it, can sort of possess you, after a while, and that's what Danielle saw in her crew. She tells Sayid to 'watch them, watch them close,' and maybe Sayid will see Locke as having the 'sickness' in the next episode. Danielle also says that 'It took them all.' Perhaps it took Ethan too.


The Connect-Four that Lenny is playing when Hurley visits him has 42 squares over-all. You also need 4 to win.
I have a theory about the hatch:

They haven't dug completely around it, have they? It looks as if it's just the top and one of the sides that are visible... what if it has a sort of tunnel coming from it on the other side? Kind of how Danielle lived underground.

And someone's living underground as well... Danielle's son, Alex.

And as crazy as this sounds, I feel Alex may have had a twin. An evil twin. (Goes back on all the black & white, good & evil stuff going on in earlier episodes.)

What if Ethan was Alex's brother? And Danielle doesn't speak of him because he's evil? addresses the episode beginning with the Mousetrap game and flashing back to John Locke's family trapping him in order take his kidney. I wondered about the connection to Boone's accident - that is, who trapped whom?
Locke calls Boone "son,"I believe while looking for the second plane.

The next scene (in the woods while hunting birds) : Cooper calls Locke "son"

It all came too closely for me to look past it.

1. Could it mean that Locke looks to Boone as the son he never had?

2. Could it be that Locke will trick Boone the way Cooper tricked Locke?
Did he already trick Boone? Did he KNOW that plane would fall? explores the ongoing theme of sacrifice. I find the implication that Boone was a sacrifice to be barbaric, but hey, it IS a jungle out there:
when charlie wanted his guitar, Locke said that in return he'd have to give the island something. So they burned the heroin. now, the island gave back that sacrifice ten times over....

Daniel, I think your game could incorporate metaphors as well. A player who can spot a metaphor might select another player to take a penalty. The above thread contains an example:
I took it also as a sort of metaphor for what happened in Locke's life. His mother told him he was immaculately conceived to hide a dirty, nasty secret (the whole mess w/his parents). Then out falls the statue of Mary, and lo and behold, something which claimed/appeared to be pure, was concealing something nasty and dirty within.
I'm noting this thread down for myself; it's about a Tolkein quotation and it's pretty cool.

Oh yeah, while we're on the subject:

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