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susan smitten

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Terebi [Jan. 14th, 2003|10:04 pm]
susan smitten

I'm watching some TV Don taped around New Year's, including:

A contest between two TV personalities who have to jump from the top of one moving car to another, then cling to the vehicle while a stunt driver takes him through explosions, muddy puddles, and burning structures. Then a crane lifts the car some distance and the driver starts shooting sparks from a hose. The poor contestant has to shimmy down a wire, kick down a band of guys in masks, untie a girl in her underwear from a pole (who is twice their size, cuz the guys are short, not cuz she is fat) and carry her over the finish line.

Two Africans have been plucked from their families/tribes and brought, blindfolded, to Nagano, where they are taught to ski. This was really cute and not at all cruel like the first competition.

Two men sitting atop stacks of cushions, watching TV. The first one to fall off, loses. One is sleeping, the other, yawning.

We're watching a wicked sheep-themed talent show now....