susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Cast of Characters

My folks threw a nice little ice-breaker party the night before the wedding. Everybody attended, but I didn't manage to get all their pictures.

My new niece, Carly. Do we look like sisters?

My other new niece, Rebecca. Such a thespian.

I have a new sister, too. Michelle and girls with coordinated footware.

Old friends - Don and Bobbi with my folks.

It's Hitomi from Kujira no Andy!

Yoshihiro (also of Andy) with Don. He looks like a kid in this picture!

John and Marti - "strictly platonic."

This was how we started our week-long island paradise getaway...
Tags: durrances, hawaii, kujira no andy, stricklands, wedding

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