susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Wedding at Anaehoomalu Bay! (part the first)

Here are some pictures of our little beach wedding!

Best man Josh, Maiden of Honor Beth, and the Reverend Jeremiah Hoaeae.

Not the kiss, just a kiss which somebody captured.

This wasn't staged, nope.

I can never keep a straight face.

My folks on the left, Don's on the right. We're looking off into the future!

I think we were so worried about whether we'd be prepared, and whether we'd remembered to do everything, that we didn't think about how much fun we'd have at the ceremony! It was on a public beach, with lots of people around, and our little party amounted to nearly twenty people, all in leis, all colorful.

(Photos by Josh - or at least by Josh's camera, since he's obviously in lots of them. Thanks, Josh! I'll post a few more later.)
Tags: hawaii, wedding

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