susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Manini Beach (Hawaiian Dreaming)

The best part of Manini is below sea level - the hot and cold springs, the river-like ribbons of sand between coral reefs, the fishies. As you can see, the earthly side is also quite enchanting. The black rocks are volcanic and the white ones are coral; to the sides of this entrance point are tide pools teeming with critters of all kinds. The privacy is a plus, too; despite the fact that all Hawaiian beaches are essentially public, we saw maybe ten people there across two days. The first time it was our cheerful crowd of six, and after Jeremy and Josh had returned home to the Madland, we went back with Stan (Dad, mark II).

Cheerful crowd pictured at right.

Cheerful crowd with art nouveau chocolate. (Art not shown.)

This doggy hangs suspended by Josh's coconut bark.

Whose pug was this? She made us play with her for ages.

What's a beach without a mule?

I think this tree looks like a symbol I can't decode.

Dad-in-law Stan with crashing waves

There's a ladybug on Don, and Beth has a snail.

NOW BETH HAS CRABS! Okay, just one crab.

Stan is looking for good pieces of coral, little kid style.

There are some good looking guys at this beach.
Tags: hawaii, ocean

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