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Desert Safari - The Dunes

First off... I SAW SHARKS!

I saw (and swam with) maybe three little reef sharks last week, in Fujairah. They were SO cute, and made me really wish I already had my Nikon Coolpix 7900 with underwater case, so I could show you their cute dorsal fins and sharky maws.

The first shark I saw (it was about 2 feet long), I chased around the shallow part of the island, until he caught up with an identical shark and they lost me. Later I saw another one, and I tried to chase him toward Don and our visiting Swede, Peter, until the shark caught on to what I was doing and vanished. (Sharks are really fast, if you didn't know.) I spotted another one (or possibly the same one) but nobody was around for me to show him off to, but! A few minutes later, Don and I saw a shark at the same time, and we followed him for a little while until he lost us.

We harbored the Swede for a little over a week. He left this morning, but we did a lot of Dubai-centric things the last few days, including snorkeling at Snoopy Island, a "booze cruise" along the creek, a million visits to the beach, stops at Karama and the Spice Souk, and a desert safari by Arabian Adventures (partner of the eternally rockin' Emirates Group) which included shisha, a tasty feast, henna bodyart, a belly dancer, a camel ranch, and about 90 minutes of off-roading over sand dunes.

Here you can see the deflated tires for sand-trekking.

This is what a GMC Yukon looks like in the desert.

I took these pictures out the window of our vehicle during a pause.

It was impossible to take pictures while we were moving, but you might get the idea.

This used to be a fence.

Don and Peter (the Swede) enjoy the view from a high dune.

I love the way the desert looks. This is maybe 45 minutes from where we live.

"It looks like a Pink Floyd album cover," said Peter of this picture.

The off-roading lasted until nearly dark.

Then everybody got out to watch the sunset.

Oh, there it goes!

I'll try to post more pictures soon - I have an incredible backlog. My little brother is due back at Jebel Ali port tomorrow morning, and I'm hoping we'll wreak all kinds of havoc.

I'm still reading my friends list but haven't had much time for commenting - I'm still following your stories, and I'll be back and commenting before long. Hugs and kisses, you guys!
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