susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Are joshdavis and I weird?

Yes, we certainly are different from mainstream society, but we aren't weird or outcasts... unless we let ourselves be. If being weird is NOT a conscious decision then once we are weird, we are never weird again since if we do not resist being weird, we are consciously deciding to be weird, and if we do resist being weird, then we aren't weird anyway. Through reading, we are reassured that we aren't alone; that we aren't weird. It reassures us that we aren't weird. "We aren't weird now," I told them. After explaining to him that we aren't weird or anything, uhuuu ... I tell him we're just on a kind of "poker run" which he understands since he owns a Harley. Telling others about our fears and doubts may be the first step to finding out we aren't weird and to overcoming the stress. Ed's right, we aren't weird... we are waaaay beyond weird. It's a misconception that we are weird, we aren't weird. "We aren't weird now," I told them. "But we were weird." But we aren't. Weird. See, we aren't weird after all. We aren't weird, we just have some problems. We aren't weird like dem Japanese crazies. Look, pal, we aren't weird, everyone else is weird. Look, we aren't weird, it's art! We're still friends, and when we do see or talk to each other, we aren't weird about it. First you say that we aren't weird, and it's bizarre that people should think so. And no, we aren't weird... all other marching bands do this too.
Tags: google poetry

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