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Things You'd Expect to See in Morocco

On December 26, I went to Morocco for the first time. I'm not being critical when I say I saw nothing that surprised me. Casablanca looked and felt exactly as I'd expect. I liked it, and would gladly go back.

Brace yourself for the expected!

Displays about the Bogart & Bergman classic Casablanca.

Arches. (Yeah, that says SONY. Maybe that part is unexpected.)

Tiles. Spiral staircases.

More arches.

This star is a symbol of Morocco.

Triangle mirror, triangle mirror.

My colleagues took home lamps like this.

This guy had the prettiest ceramics I've ever seen.

This is a post office. Yup, arches and tiles again. This picture was taken with the Fujifilm Finepix F10, out the window of a moving petit taxi at night. So maybe it's a little blurry, but given the conditions I think it's alright!

Here's something unexpected: The pinkest 5-star hotel you'll ever see.

p.s. Something unexpected did happen as we were leaving. Our bus to the airport was diverted by police, and thanks to the Moroccan crew member who could translate, we learned that all roads to the airport had closed - in fact, the airport had closed - because the king was going to the airport. Unfortunately, nobody knew when he was going, or by which routes, so we had no choice but to drive around and around for over an hour until the roads were temporarily opened to airport-bound traffic. When we finally arrived at the airport, bladders bursting and stomachs rumbling from our coffee breakfasts, we found out our aircraft (and the crew we'd relieve) was just arriving after circling for over an hour - yes, the runways were closed, too!
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