susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Sumo, 8th day.

I only caught the final three bouts of the 8th day.

-Asashoryu kicked ass. Tokitsuumi didn't stand a chance. Of course. Asa is at 8-0 now.
-Kotomitsuki abused Musoyama by swinging him around by his mawashi a few times, then shoving him out (a yorikiri).
-Takanohana was defeated by Aminishiki. This was a sad moment, for me at least. I tend to cheer for Aminishiki because he's so darned cute, but he's only a maegashira who shouldn't stand a chance against a yokozuna. Some people (Mick) say Takanohana should pack it in. I don't want to agree, but...
Tags: sumo

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