susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Glistening White Triangular Tooth (Er, tusk?)

I found this mysterious thing at my brother's house:

If you were itching to etch some kind of walrus tooth or something, what would your subject be? Would you go with the tried-and-true portrait of President Polk? Pandas painting penguins, perhaps?

I'm wondering if thing might be an antique... does it look over 150 years old to you?

Edit: I didn't even realize I posted this to my personal journal! It was meant for tmbg and I thought I'd hit "stop" before it posted here. (I tend not to cross-post to avoid flist dupes.) But I'm glad it is, because now I've got your comments... also, my tmbg posts tend to fade into obscurity.
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