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susan smitten

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Bits of Bangkok [May. 15th, 2006|06:48 am]
susan smitten

I like the Fanta offering... with a straw!

[User Picture]From: chu_hi
2006-05-18 11:36 pm (UTC)
The ones with the leafy things behind their heads? I have no idea! That was a kiosk in a mall, by the way. =) We have one of those woodblock faces on our wall.

After about 10pm, everything in the neighborhood of our hotel (beyond that, I can't say) turns seedy. There was a husband & wife on our crew, and the wife was upset that people were approaching her husband to sell him sex and sex shows. That's all I know, so I can't enlighten you further.

I never heard of Murray Head! Great lyrics, though: "Tea, girls, warm, sweet / Some are set up in the Somerset Maugham suite..."
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