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susan smitten

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Because my photo-post backlog is only very large... [Jun. 29th, 2006|06:56 pm]
susan smitten
From starkodama:

Please comment here if there is anything in my life that you'd like to see a picture of! ^^ Anything aside from private parts, that is! Is there anything/anyone that you'd like to see? I will try to take a picture and use it in a future post! ^^

I'm sooo behind on photos. It's been two months since my parents were in Dubai and I haven't sorted through those yet! Hundreds of pictures of Ghana, a few crazy nights with the Dubai Superfriends... but for you I'll document the topics of your choosing!

[User Picture]From: octal
2006-06-30 01:41 pm (UTC)
Any of the clubs in Dubai would be good too. I really want to do Trilogy/Mix/Zinc when I'm in town, now that I have "club clothes" and a garment bag to transport them.
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