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susan smitten

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Sumo, Pasta [Jan. 26th, 2003|11:00 pm]
susan smitten
[Tags|, ]
[Feeling |coming down with something]
[Hearing |Weird Al - Polka Your Eyes Out]

Asashoryu took the championship after defeating Ozeki Muzoyama. Kotomitsuki and Takamisakari won today's bouts.

Takamisakari's victory over Takanonami was especially impressive. (Takanonami is a force, and Takamisakari is relatively little.) Takamisakari was dangled a quarter-turn around the dohyo, then somehow he got Takanonami's leg and toppled him. Their mutual surprise was evident.

Kotomitsuki beat Takanowaka, but Takanowaka actually got injured in the process, which is sort of sad. I'm not sure of the extent of his injury, but at the very least, his head collided with Koto's teeth -- ow.

Don and I only got to see a few minutes of the ceremony for Asashoryu, because we were meeting the Fukauras for dinner in Okamoto.

We had Italian food with Shinichiro and his wife, Hiromi. I'd never met her before and wasn't sure what to expect, Shinichiro being so unique. (Shinichiro - "RARE!") She's pretty, smart, eloquent, well-dressed, polite... wow. They're the cutest couple ever.

A little camera-shy, though!