susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Four Days in Ghana

1.2 million Ghanian cedis! Fistful o'cash!

I look like I'm going to elbow two guys in the face.

My best Ghana pictures are of my colleagues, but I don't feel right posting their pictures here. Fortunately I have no qualms about posting pictures of strangers! This was a fabulous trip. The whole crew just clicked (Click!) right away, and we had breakfast together every morning and went out to fancypants-but-fabulous restaurants every evening. (And yes, even an Irish pub. Whaddya expect? They are everywhere and irresistable.) During the day we lay sprawled by the pool in the equatorial sun; when I came back to Dubai, a friend remarked I looked like "a little Puerto Rican girl."
Tags: africa, ghana

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