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susan smitten

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A Fest! [Sep. 10th, 2006|06:55 am]
susan smitten
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Our last night in Texas, we went to the Vichary House (?) and then Beth & Clay's house.

Love/love, Meredith and Shamyr style.

My new favorite picture of Clay and Ryan.

One of millions of pictures I took of Beth.

Shamyr is on duty, securing the door.

I got those earrings at the Cross Timbers winery in Grapevine.

Meredith, bright and sweet, at Beth&Clay's.

[User Picture]From: speed_fetish
2006-09-11 04:50 pm (UTC)


The answers to all my worries are here i guess. I was thinking where you fellas had disappeared, now i got to read you post. I guess we have a lot to talk about. Reunion is big, its hard to imagine you guys not enjoying yourself with old friends.

Moreover you were back home for a short visit nothing could be better that, i remember i had fun with relatives in india, i had not seen them in seven years.
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