susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

How to Reach 50K

I start a course for work on the 30th, the preparation for which involves hours of studying and homework. Why, oh why couldn't it have been scheduled for the first of December? Don't they know November is Nanowrimo?

My word count has stood for a few days at 25,758. I don't normally read the forums on (because they annoooy me) but today some of the suggestions from the "reaching 50k" forum made me giggle. For example:
Have a character that only speaks in a nonsensical language that you made up. Example:

"aronhi u s uoah huwak hhnfhvi," said X.
"He says that he think you are very wise to believe that, though you are completely wrong," Mr. Hannakina- kamin said, translating for MC.
And even sillier:
Do something like this:

Sue said, "Hi Bob!"

Bob said, "Hi Sue!" reffering to when she had said, "Hi Bob!"

After Bob had said "hi Sue!" after she had said "Hi Bob! Sue said......
Two people on my friends list have already reached 50,000. Way to go, sivatonight and istara. \(^-^)/
Tags: nanowrimo

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