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I lose!

Yesterday, I participated in a photo shoot. They called a few of us to represent Japan and the USA for the cover of next year's Emirates Annual Budget Report. Japan and America because new Nagoya and New York flights were added in 2006. I'm going to be a star. ;)

Today I started a six-day course to be promoted to First Class. I've been working in Business for about nine months. I made a lot of mistakes today, but all 15 of us passed the first test, which is surely a good omen. Wish me luck!

I passed out when I got home from the Training College, and when I woke up there was only a half hour remaining of NaNoWriMo. I cranked out my last 600 words or so, finishing at 26,454. For the lose! I think I might try to reach 50,000 by the end of December, though. Must focus on not rewriting Beautiful Losers, Norwegian Wood, or any other great work of literature involving love triangles, madness, and suicide. Less suicide, more smut - that's what I say.

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