susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Driving around Dubai, or floating above it

I took these pictures in the last two days while driving around Dubai running errands. Then the stunning sights at the bottom greeted me when I came back from a Karachi turnaround in the afternoon.

Iranian Hospital on Wasl Road

Jumeirah Beach Road and Dubai Drydocks

Dubai Marina in Jebel Ali, as seen from the parking lot of Ibn Battuta Mall

Big dishes in Jebel Ali

This was taken from our roof yesterday after I got home from work.

This one, too. I counted 53 balloons in the sky at one time!

Hm. Henry Rollins is performing spoken word in Dubai tonight, but Don and I are about to get on a plane to London! What kind of timing is that??
Tags: dubai

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