susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

German Food

Don accompanied me to Frankfurt on the 29th of March. He had never been to Germany before! We did other things besides eat, but I'm posting the food pictures first.

Sorry, vegetarians...

Don was curious about the "pork knuckle" with which everybody is obsessed. Without heeding my ominous words and exaggerated hand gestures, he ordered one. It arrived at the table with a knife stuck in it.

I ordered what I always have in Germany - pickled fishies. This one was a pickled herring, and the sauce is yogurt with gherkins and diced apples.

I was licking the last of the sauce off my plate long before Don admitted defeat at the hands of the knuckle. (Actually, what he said was something like, "I stab it with my steeley knives, but I just can't kill the beast!") The waitress made fun of him a little, and then when she brought our check, she said, "The dog over there likes you!"

The dog was SO happy!

Soon after, Don said, "I know I just had a huge piece of pork and I couldn't finish it, but I kinda want a pretzel the size of my head." A strange guy walking next to us collapsed with laughter.

We saw Haribo-adorned cookies on ribbons...

And amazing fruit and veggies...

Like these tiny artichokes!

This is just fun to say out loud.
Tags: food and wine, frankfurt

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