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susan smitten

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Beautiful Entebbe! [Jun. 19th, 2007|06:00 pm]
susan smitten
[Tags|, ]

I'm in Entebbe, Uganda, without our camera. This makes me hugely lame. There is so much to look at here! I've never seen anyplace so scenic!

Five or six colleagues are going to see "the source of the Nile" tomorrow. Should I go, even without a camera?

Oh, today was my first day as SFS. I survived! And I almost enjoyed it!

[User Picture]From: webwawa
2007-06-19 03:22 pm (UTC)
aw!! nowhere to buy a disposable camera? baka!
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[User Picture]From: webwawa
2007-06-19 03:23 pm (UTC)
jk on the baka thing LOL

i was thinking about you yesterday
and how the hell you came back here last week
and i still didn't meet you!
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