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susan smitten

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Lily Loves [Jun. 24th, 2007|04:43 pm]
susan smitten
I didn't go to the source of the Nile - sorry, folks! It would have meant getting up very early and not getting a nap before work, and since I'm new at the SFS thing, I wanted to be rested and fresh. Walking all over Africa for hours and then operating two sectors home would have knackered me.

Second SFS flight was Birmingham, which terrified me (it's notoriously hard), but everything went well and I had fun.

Now I'm off for the next couple of days, in time for nativeinformant's visit!

In sartorial news, I found pictures of Lily Allen wearing the dress I bought from her clothing line. Action figures not included.

(Photo by Tia at Tom Tom Sushi)

[User Picture]From: chu_hi
2007-06-26 08:54 am (UTC)
Thanks! =)

She is a pretty good designer for a 21-year-old singer, though. All her stuff is feminine and flow-y, and she doesn't act like a porn star in her videos. (I know! She's, like, the only one!)
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