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Remember "Guestbooks?"

Back when we were all into the "personal homepage" thing, I was always trying to find a good "free guestbook," that would ultimately get spammed and eventually deleted. So I'm trying this out.

If you don't have a LiveJournal account, you can post "anonymously." Sign your name, or don't. I won't log your IP address. But please don't spam me with casino ads!

*Who are you?
*How do we know each other?
*Are you an enemy of mine?
*So what were you going say again?

Be sure to disguise your email address if you want to leave it.

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*Who are you?

I am you, the master of this domain (name), the creator of this site and this guestbook.

*How do we know each other?

Oh, we go way back.

*Are you an enemy of mine?

Is that a problem?

*So what were you going say again?

Guestbooks! Yeah, I remember guestbooks! Random old friends used to sign mine, and write this hilarious stuff, and I'd get so excited! Then the whole guestbook would get spammed with casino ads, and later it would get deleted (being "free"), and I'd lose all those messages. That was before my blogging daze...

I remember Deja News, too. And!

Self love,
Susan (chlorph at asvattha dawt com)
Sitting here at my (boring) job wasting time and just came across your blog. You seem to be enjoying flying around, and I am envious that you can experience so much and keep in touch and visit people in several countries. My gf is also a Cabin Attendant, with Virgin. We live in London now - she since 1 year ago, and I since 6 months ago. Anyway, I just thought I send you a "hello"-note. / Martin Stromback

So you're in London! I go to London sometimes.. has she been to Dubai?

You're right, I am having fun. Flying around suits me. Although it's getting to where the number of people I know, in the number of places I know them, is getting out of hand. ;-)

It's good to hear from you!

Oh my gosh, its been AGES!! I actually came here to find you--- so glad youre still blogging (I guess its me that cant keep up with one thing for long).

I am still living in Tokyo, still doing the fashion thing, and as well now consulting for a luxe Travel Agency here.
Anyway, I am trying to push Dubai for the HNW/UHNW individual here. I would love some input from a Dubai insider--

my email is misha at mishajanette dot com

I would truly love to hear from you, planning on visiting the UAE soon!

Best regards,
Hey Susan,

How are things? We've lost touch. What are you doing these days? Please drop me a line to peter at hoflich dot com (as always).

If you want to check out what we're up to these days, try


Hi! You don't know me, but I don't think I'm an enemy of yours. I was googling "Time English" to find out more about them (prospective employer), and came across your website. I was wondering if you'd recommend the job you had there, how the work conditions were, and any other thoughts you had on the school or your experiences there.

Sorry for the randomness! I'd really appreciate any additional insight before I make a "final final" decision. Best wishes!

~Jenny in Hyogo ( liquidnuance AT yahoo DOT com)

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