susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Hamburg and Flensburg

So my computer is too sluggish these days to handle the size of photos our camera takes, so my posting of pictures has slowed. But I should be sleeping now, and we all know that's the best reason to edit pictures and post them.

I've spent four whole days in Hamburg this month, and not in a row. Two more to go. I leave in the morning.

I took this walking between the hotel and the Hofbrau Haus restaurant.

These look like donuts, but inside the cakey bits are apple slices. And yes, that's ice cream lurking under the huge mound of whipped cream. Fast forward and I'm licking the plate.

I took this picture for no good reason.

This logo almost looks like it could be a TMBG album cover.

I'm going to sleep now. No, really.
Tags: germany, hamburg

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