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Nabe party!

Don, Robert, and I went to Kazuki's place with Akiko for a nabe party. Tanoshikatta! It was a nice night! Kazuki lives in Motoyama (Ii naa!) and his 7th floor view is gorgeous. Akiko pointed out where Ichiro, Momo, and who knows which other celebrities, used to live.

We missed the last train, so we walked home. Miraculously, it was WARM!! We didn't mind the 40-min walk home, and not only because we were drinking pineapple chu-hi and whiskey on the way.

However, just before we headed home, we went to Amataro to look for something Robert had forgotten there. As we left, Don fell down the stairs. And fell, and fell, and fell... it was horrific. Like the proverbial guy falling down the escalator who never stops falling. His ass is gonna be deep blue by tomorrow.
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