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susan smitten

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Welcome to our bedroom [Jun. 22nd, 2008|11:37 pm]
susan smitten
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Today Don and I decided to move our bed from one wall to the other. Because our bed is so large, relative to the rest of the room, we had to take it apart ~ and each piece is very heavy. A while ago, we bought shelves for candles, but realized that if we put those shelves above our bed, cats would jump from the bed to the shelves, and set the house on fire.

So today, we moved the bed across the room, and then mounted candle shelves on the wall where the bed was. Cats supervised.


[User Picture]From: chu_hi
2008-06-23 06:47 am (UTC)
Thank you! The walls are concrete, and it didn't come with a closet or curtain rods or anything. Every time we change something or hang something, Don has to get out the drill and masonry bits ~ it's a lot of physical toil.
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[User Picture]From: mrputter
2008-06-23 06:56 am (UTC)

I take it you shun the hooks with the four (or three) metal pins that you can just hammer into the wall?

My memories of growing up in S'pore and Al Ain are filled with those things.
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