December 16th, 2002


Infants in kimonos, a trip to 1982, and 80 Louis Armstrongs

Just woke up reeeeeeeeeaaaallly groggy after 12 hours of intensive partying. I attended three entirely different parties: a children's party at Hard Rock Cafe Kobe, an adults party at the same, and the after party, which was a sort of pub-crawl ending in karaoke.

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But I'm ok.

I'm off now to photograph my friend's school for a magazine, and to try to figure out which bar I left my cell phone at. Proof of ownership shouldn't be hard; there are photos of myself all over it.
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Incidentally, the food at the Hard Rock was just awful -- cold and tasteless and seemed like it was prepared the day before. The kids didn't seem to notice (they were happy to poke each other with their forks). No one said anything... until I brought it up.