December 21st, 2002


Assumed Names

Don is cracking me up because I can't remember the name of the guy who worked at Subway who had a baby with Crystal (a perfectly normal name). I can't believe it myself -- I thought I knew him well enough. Black hound? Black hawk? Eagle hawk? Don suggested Blackthorne, but that was the sailor in Shogun, right? I know it wasn't Nighthawk, cuz that was Don's bike. And Don says it wasn't Streethawk, cuz Streethawk was a sequel to Night Ryder or some shit.

I didn't remember his (Black hawk?) name being so strange, but Don says I must have had a Denton-sort-of-cloud enveloping me, which caused me to believe that Blackhawk was a totally normal name. I mean, it took me about 6 months before it occured to me that Dwarf had a name other than "Dwarf."

So if you are that guy, or you know his name, let me know. Onegai shimasu!