December 26th, 2002


Reaction to the Rolls


This could mean "interesting" or "funny," in a good or bad way.

They got eaten really fast, though. I'd made about 60, and they were gone by midday. Betty and Raphael, at least, claimed to really like them.
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    Don singing "Clementine" while he makes pancakes

The Ground

I'm locked out of my web house for a spell. (>_<) My buddy Frank had to unplug To all you fanatics, sorry, but this is it for the time being. (~.o)
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I lose.

I suck. I can't find my Sony Finance card, which I was hoping to use to do Christmas shopping for my family. Now I'll have to get all their presents at the ¥100 store. Maneki nekos and darumas for all! I also lost my bank book, not to mention my camera. Two weeks ago, I left my mobile phone in an izakaya, but I got it back. I still suck, though.

SHIKASHI! BUT! I was just tearing my flat apart, looking for the Sony card, when I found Will's copy of "100 Years Of Solitude." It had slipped behind other books on my shelf. Hey Will, I didn't lose your book! I DIDN'T LOSE WILL'S BOOK!

I still suck, though.
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    Ulfuls - Tokoton de ikou!