February 12th, 2003


Impromptu Mediterranean Food Event

Forces of the cosmos decreed that about 10 people would convene at English Studio to prepare and enjoy: curry, roti (Bangladesh style bread), ezme (cucumber salad), hummus, and mint-yogurt sauce.

Maki, Rika, Muyan, and Ayaka dig in

Don swoons
(I miss my Olympus C2100. This food was colorful and tasty-looking, but it looks pretty mazusou here.)

Nande? Doushite? WHY WHY WHY?

Tortoise is obsessed with dropping things into the paper-feed of my printer, including but not limited to hair elastics and shredded cat toys. Remove them, and they go right back in. She has seen the printer in action, and I truly think she wants to personalize some items of her own.