March 4th, 2003


For the "search" engines...

As long as this six-degrees-small-world thing keeps happening...

Does anyone know Christy Ketchum, or know what's become of her in the past 8 years or so? That's how long it's been since I lost track of her.

Hay Beth&Clay

Beth! Clay! (Do you even read this?) If you do, WHAT ARE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES? I've been trying the ones I thought you had, but they keep coming back to me.

Couldn't I give up air instead?

Betty told me she was giving up chocolate for Lent, and then suggested that I could do it, too. For some reason, I agreed - empathy? So from tomorrow until April 20, no hot cocoa, chocolate macadamia nuts, mocha...

Today it snowed like the devil.
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