March 17th, 2003



Don and I saw the 8th day of the March Tournament in Namba with the Fukauras.

Don took this picture. He has a lot of great digital shots and videos which I will pressure him to upload.

Asashoryu defeated Kotoryu, but it was a struggle. It was a bad day for Kotomitsuki, Wakanosato, and Aminishiki. m(_)m Everyone was predictably happy that Takamisakari beat Toki. Chiyotaikai lost but is still ahead of Asashoryu, and will probably win the basho unless he loses to Asashoryu and to someone else (the first case being more likely than the second) and Asashoryu defeats the remaining 7 of his opponents.

Before Sumo, the four of us had (Taiwanese?) ramen at Ajisen and played arcade games in Shinsaibashi, and I bought this:

It wasn't an impulse buy, I swear! I promised myself a Swatch if I passed my Japanese proficiency test.

Afterwards, we had okonomiyaki in Namba. Nonresidents of Japan: this is what okonomiyaki looks like before you cook it.

We had kimchee, corn, and cheese.

Post-okonomiyaki bliss.

Hiromi and Shinichiro: 本当に楽しかった!次、歌いましょうね。。。