October 21st, 2003


Old friends + alcohol + karaoke = really strange pictures

Pictures so stupid, it's embarrassing.

Especially when I'm in them.

Oh, except this one of Masami is pretty cute.

And this one of Robert and Masami is really sweet!

Saturnight, we spent a riotously good night with Rob and Masami. Sunday, we had lunch in Kitano (Kujira no Andy) with Kazuki, and today and tonight we made frivolous merriment with Scott's parents and sister. (Pictures from today and night coming up.)

Photos so stupid, they're scary.

Stoopidest drunken moments: Trying to hear Kazuki on the phone, I was yelling, "Mou itte ikkai! Mo itte!" and, trying to pick up my shoe, wondering my it's so heavy, when Robert finally said, "Susan! That's MY shoe!" He was wearing it.

In the morning, I found out Don and Robert had played Soul Caliber until after 6am, and found out I'd emailed Kazuki, instructing him to "drain his sorrows." Kanpai!

Poole Corner

Don and I dragged ourselves out of futon to eat lunch, er, breakfast with Scott's family. The drinking and darts started early...

Drink Smirnoff Ice. I do!

Dianne Poole does not condone or endorse the consumption of Jack Daniels brand Tennessee Whiskey.

"If only OUR faces could grace this wall!"

My double bullseye.

Richard grieves for the triple 50 that could have been.

Kat and 3 ones!

Then a lengthy round of karaoke... "Downtown!"

I'm gonna stop eating your friends list now.