February 1st, 2004



Here's some typical scenery from any Japanese shopping strip. I snapped these in Sannomiya, Kobe. Flowers, drugs, socks.

If you wonder where the electronics are, they'll occupy an entry of their own.

Stuff you can get in Sannomiya

Today Don and I supped with my teacher, Masa, his wife Sachiko, and his friend Nozomi. It was great; we stuffed ourselves with Sachiko-made okonomiyaki. Last night Don and I had 中華料理/Chinese food in Osaka with Masae, and then we sang. So many people who should have been photographed. Yesterday was Motoko's last day at the Company.. I'm really going to miss her gorgeous scowling face around there. Why is it that awesome new staff always quit after six months?

What I was getting at is: Don and I were in Sannomiya a few days ago and I took a ton of pictures of the sort-of everyday things I always see (but never think about). Intersections, restaurant store fronts, arches over streets. Sannomiya isn't that interesting compared with Osaka, so kick me in the nuts for forgetting my camera last night.

Mobile phones.. could I have one of each?

Twisty type.

This one comes with a 16 MB memory stick and can play music files
(ATRAC3 format) up to 30 minutes or 132Kbps bitrate. It can also
play MPEG-4 video, up to 15 minutes. But what is this dice game?

Casio Exilims in "Gauguin Red" and "Gogh Yellow."

These are little video cameras that use SD cards.
Don says they're an older model.

This one has a 10x optical zoom and uses DIVX (Mpeg 4) compression.

A "real" camcorder, the kind that uses tapes, for just about $600.

The coolest part is that it's less than 4 inches (10cm) deep.