April 17th, 2004


The street where Chu-Hi lives

Friends, have I teased you long enough? Here are photos of my shiny new home, friends, life!

I'll be spending my working life here.

DXB - Dubai International Airport

Burj Al Arab, the world's first 7-star hotel

These camels are taking over. This FIFA one wears the red cap and scarf
of the Emirates cabin crew.

Nissrine, my favorite Moroccan princess, at Dubai Creek with shisha.

This was taken at Heritage Village.

So was this one; it's the Kanzaman restaurant & shisha on the creek.

This was taken from our building. Can you imagine my surprise the first
time I looked out the window and saw this? But this is not MY view...

..This is. This is Sheikh Zayed Road, from the opposite direction of
the above shot, as seen from my 42nd floor bedroom.

And so is this. Pretty, isn't it?

I have a lot more to share, so don't run away...:^)

All My Friends Are Cute, Part I

With Nissrine, eating Pasta a la Samuele.

Lisa and I, impersonating sisters.

Violetta, a flower among the fakes

Megan - she's an angel.

Samuele with trustworthy Red Manual

Nonka with Shady hiding in hair

A little more Samuele and Shady, for the ladies on my Friends list.

My first flight, and my birthday in Saudi and Dubai

Remember how I said I'd fly to Riyadh and Hyderabad, if God be willing?

Well, I guess he wasn't! My birthday turned out quite differently than I expected. Pay close attention - I'm only going to tell this story once!

Collapse )And I got to have a birthday party! It wasn't easy because everybody's flying now, but my friends really helped it come together. So thanks, everybody!

By the way, the crew were awesome!

Some people, such as Nissrine, could only pop in for a moment.

We went dancing at The Lodge.

Back in my room, Samuele took a lot of art pictures.

I was asked to delete this one.

Jihad expresses his feelings about my failure to invite him.

No candles, but there as a birthday cake!

My friends all around me. If your face isn't here, I sure wish it was!