August 26th, 2004


Hoflichs in Singapore!

In the middle of July, I was lucky to be sent to Singapore, where I met up with Peter Hoflich (e.i.c. of the acclaimed Headcheese zine), wife Naoko, and munchkin Zen. We strolled along the waterfront and the grounds of the Raffles Hotel and had a Chinese lunch with requisite Tiger Beer. Hard to believe it's a little over a year since the Hoflichs left Japan for Singapore.

Night view from the Grande Copthorne

Tableau with toy bus and Hoflichs

A city can never have too many garishly painted animals. Raawwrr!!

"Please keep off the lions."

And here I am with the Hoflich men, talking banking and waiting around
for Singapore's world-famous public transportation.

It was in Singapore that I bought a copy of Miller's Plexus, and the Rosy Crucifiction's second volume took over my life; after I finished it, I turned back to page one and began again. But Plexus has released its grasp. That's right - when in New York last week, I bought volume three: Nexus. I don't find the subject matter risque at all... could it have been banned in the western world for encouraging gold-digging and underemployment?

Next up: Singapore's Little India.