September 29th, 2004


India books and Brisbane

Here are the India books...

Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure by Sarah Macdonald

The most important spiritually unifying volume of the year is disguised as an "international bestseller" on garish display in the travel writing section of airport bookstores. Radio DJ and political correspondent Sarah Macdonald fulfills a toilet cleaner's prophesy by landing in her personal hell – Delhi – and winds up staying for two years while her journalist partner covers all the issues, large and small, which affect Hindustan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

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The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri's novel on the nature of identity delicately traces the life of a Bengali boy from New Jersey, born to parents who had left everything behind to build a life in America. Nicknamed after events from his father's youthful brush with death, Gogol Ganguli was to receive his good name by post from his grandmother in Calcutta. But when the name is lost in the mail and his grandmother suffers a stroke, the nickname sticks, and Gogol's identity becomes wrapped up with the eccentric author's. Desperate to escape the shame of his name as well as the embarrassment of his family's lifestyle, he has his name legally changed.

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..Now here's Brisbane!

Aisha, Tulsa, and Tenille at the casino where I made a $10 profit

Brisbane's sparkling skyline

Everything bright on a winter night

Bundled-up Chu-hi with Brisbane locals