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January 23rd, 2005 - katori blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
susan smitten

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January 23rd, 2005

Because I'm feeling creative... [Jan. 23rd, 2005|05:53 am]
susan smitten

You know this meme?

1. Comment here and I'll pick one of your LJ interests and draw a picture using MS Paint.
2. You have no say in what I draw for you, or in how fugly it will turn out!
3. Put this in your journal along with the pictures people drew for you.

Well, I made these two without any solicitation:

This is for antivert, who likes the game of go:

This one is for slfcllednowhere, who is interested in thesauri:

Please, somebody be awake and comment so I can draw for you! I know it's early morning in the New World; maybe my friends in Japan are awake?

p.s. You don't really have to post the meme, or even my pictures. Just let me draw you, okay?
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Don is a better artist than I [Jan. 23rd, 2005|08:03 am]
susan smitten
Look, antivert has drawn one of my interests!!

Even if antivert isn't on your friends list, you should go leave a comment on his latest entry if you want him to draw one for you, too.

What are you still reading this for? Go do it!
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