August 5th, 2005


Floating in the harbor, being an octofish

Three things I never knew about snorkeling:
*It's easy to breathe.
*You can see really well.
*If you hold hands with somebody, you'll feel like Superman and Lois Lane over an underwater Metropolis.

ただいま, we're back from our Hawaiian wedding and island paradise party! They say Hawaii is the #1 place people go on holiday and then start trying to figure out how to get a job there. It was definitely more than I imagined - not your ordinary beach resort. Big Island is a special place, and being there with my family, Don's family, and most of our favorite people (we missed some of you) made it more magical.

First a welcoming party for all our guests. The next day there was the wedding; that was pretty cool. A wet and crowded luau - too funny. The rest of the week was open for us (six friends) to look for hidden beaches and swim around looking at the ocean floor. I had thought snorkeling was a sport for strong swimmers, but it turns out floating is easy and you don't have to waste any energy, so you can go a decent distance from the shore. You can also dive a meter or five if you need a closer look, and resume breathing when you surface. I'd do it everyday if I could. (...or can I?)

The six of us (Don and me, Beth and Clay, Jeremy H. and Josh Fox) shared a villa in Waikoloa and slept as little as possible. We explored the island and hiked up the active volcano to watch the oozing lava run into the sea. The rest of our party made Hawaiian friends and did some camping (Don and I didn't do any camping, as the night we planned was canceled by some food poisoning on my side, but after a week in California sharing a twin bed we were happy enough to sleep in our big honeymoon suite bed) and I just heard from Beth that Clay swam with dolphins in the big, open ocean. We also got in some good evenings with my brother and his friend Marti, a lunch with my folks, and an encounter in a steakhouse with Don's folks. Everybody got Hawaii fever; in fact, I just decided only to wear Hawaiian shirts from now on. Aloha!

I'm sure I'll have more to say (and pictures!) in the next few days - stay tuned. I got my roster, by the way, and I'll be in Osaka on the 25th and New York on the 31st. If you're there, are you free?