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susan smitten

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November 19th, 2005

MAURITIUS! [Nov. 19th, 2005|02:14 pm]
susan smitten
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Okay, I'll stop doing that.

Things I didn't take pictures of in Mauritius:
Coral. Coral that look like button mushroom caps. Coral that look like frilly maitake mushrooms. Coral that look like giant cabbage, or a rose. Coral that look like a Christmas tree. Coral that look like shrubbery. Coral that look like deer antlers. Coral that looks like a brain. Coral that glows blue at the tips. Coral that is pinker than pink. Coral that is flat as a table top. Coral that looks like murano glass. Coral that look like french fries. Coral that look like DNA.

(All coral, regardless of shape or color, resembles plants. They're not plants. Why do they look like flowers, grasses, trees, fungi? A field of dandelions dwarfing a mastadon boneyard, and other disturbing anomalies of scale.)

Fish. Fish that look like alligators, fish that look like birds, fish that look a little like zebras. Fish that look a lot like zebras. Fish that look like tigers, devouring coral that look like a deer. Fish that remind you of grovelers in a petting zoo. Fish that glow. Fish that have big eyes on top of their heads. Fish that have big eyes balanced on top of their backs. Fish with eyes painted on their tails. Fish that look like dogs. Fish that look like fish. Fish you can't describe. Fish that funnel around each other in an open space, like tornadoes on a plain. Fish that stare back at you. Purple fish, stripey fish, fish in pashmina shawls, little orange fish, GREAT! BIG! ORANGE FISH! Very tiny versions of other fish, really huge versions of the same fish, loner fish, multitudes of like fish, schools of mismatched fish.

Anemones. Always observed with clownfish. Just like in science textbooks!
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Meanwhile, back in the Northern hemisphere... [Nov. 19th, 2005|02:30 pm]
susan smitten
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There are CLOUDS in the SKY! In Dubai!

(All photos taken this morning, through windows of moving vehicles. On my way home from Mauritius!!)
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