December 10th, 2005


Too Many Events

We finally saw the Serenity movie, even though I've only seen half the Firefly episodes, and in no particular order at that. Don has seen them all, though, and I don't think I missed any of the film by not having watched the whole series. It's good. You should watch Serenity. I think we were the last ones in the verse to see it, but if I'm wrong, well, you know what to do.

We were going to see the X-games today, but we were just. Too. Tired. John showed up this morning (with 'watch buddy' Leo) just barely after istara left our house. We sort of seduced her over last night with our karaoke machine, and then kept her captive all night. Just as I suspected, she doesn't sleep, presumably because there are too many things to do in one lifetime. Oh, she's such a Sagittarius. (That's a compliment!)

A week ago there was karaoke, as well, with istara, antivert, and dubaiwalla (a better singer than he'll admit). I really enjoyed myself, everybody. Why didn't we do that sooner?

(In related news, mcgillianaire is a dude.)

Earlier that Friday, Don and I (along with neighbor Ben) spent about 10 hours at the Dubai Rugby 7s. It was December, but it was hotter than hell and our skin burned in the desert sun. It was great.

Rugby is "a fine game played by gentlemen."

25,000 people attended! Over 1,000 players represented 150 teams.

Professionals, amateurs, women, and youth leagues competed.

Beverages were consumed.

If it weren't for the shirt, I would have thought him perfectly sharp.

Where does a 500-pound sumo wrestler sit? Anywhere he likes.

"Rugby 7s" are games with seven players on each side.

This was Fiji edging out New Zealand with 0 seconds left.

England won the Emirates International Trophy. Believe me when I say much celebration ensued.

Here's something kind of cool. Crazy, I mean! contrarydevil forwarded me this information on Kilauea volcano - the one I posted pictures of the other day:

HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK, Hawaii (AP) - A 44-acre section of volcanic shelf collapsed into the ocean sending molten rock and massive boulders into the air at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park this week.

The collapse left behind a 60-foot cliff face with a six-foot thick fountain of liquid rock spurting from its side.

However, head of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Jim Kauahikaua says the lava tube spectacle is fast disappearing as a new coastal rock bench begins to form.

Tuesday's collapse is the largest since Kilauea began its current eruption 22 years ago.

More wicked pictures are at if you want to see. I think the "skylight" pictures are particularly cool.

Have you seen this? Why You Should Never Post Your Picture on the Internet

Remember that novel I said I was going to write for NaNoWriMo? I didn't. Yeah, big surprise. There were just Too Many Events. Between a trip to London, a visiting brother, a visiting Swede, safaris and cruises and snorkeling trips? On top of working? That novel was not getting written in November. I'll keep plugging away at it... once I've had a nap.

Stupid pictures, silly words

I guess you're supposed to drink all day at events called "Dubai Rugby 7s." They sell beer in buckets of 10, and wine in huge carafes. Everybody was legless by the time England took the championship.

The filth. Ew, can you see my socks?

Buckets of beer and wine make one rowdy...

...And more than a little goofy.

And I don't just speak for myself.

A few weeks ago I was writing down things people said:

"No, that's a square. I wanted a polygon."

"I don't like ironic hairstyles. Or food."

"Pardon me while this wall holds me up."

"Look at the vertical development on that son-of-a-bitch."
-John, referring to this picture. (He meant the clouds.)

"Since when did people get so choosy?" "Since Roe vs. Wade."
-the voices in John's head