January 22nd, 2006


What Munich Looks Like

Yesterday, I found myself strolling around Munich with etherealmommy!! I'll post pictures of us and our adventures in a few minutes. But first, since it was my first time in Munich and all (Laura's first time, too, since her home is a couple of hours away from there), this is what Munich looks like (according to my own senses).

You're a good man, Mr. Brown.

etherealmommy + chu_hi = Reunion in Munchen!

This was cool. Not only did I get to spend 24 hours in Munich, but I got to spend it with a good friend who has actually lived in Germany for almost a year, and understands better than me what the place is all about. On top of that, the weather was sunny and calm. (It was -2, but that's January for you.) We couldn't have hoped for a nicer day.

Look who it is! It's Laura!

Laura took the exact same picture, only better. :)

The St. Kajetan Theatine Church is ornamented with a Garden of Eden theme.

It's almost completely white inside.

The cupola above the pulpit.

As seen in etherealmommy's entry.

This little cherubim was actually freaking me out a little.

The St. Kajetan church had a spiraling shape motif, which could make one go insane.

We also wandered around a really cool pop-art gallery.

There's just nothing like an old friend.