April 16th, 2006


Happy Birthday To Me... And To You!

Much appreciation to Angela, Zippy, Neha, Natasha, and Jennifer for making our birthday party fun!

Zippy is becoming my favorite drinking pal in Dubai.

Jennifer - "more a rockstar today than a flower," or whatever I kept saying about her.

Neha doesn't look that outrageous, but she's from L.A., so that should have tipped us off.

Zippy got bored with karaoke early, whereas Natasha sang until 10:00 a.m.

Most of the pictures I took were like this, only blurrier.

The last non-blurry picture. I blame Stacy for sending us that drinking game.

The next morning, Natasha cooked, ate, and enjoyed lamb - then asked us for the recipe - before knowing it was lamb! HA! And Don's wearing a dress, see?

How come nobody took pictures of Angela or me? We were looking hot!

How does that Wikipedia meme go? Three births, three deaths, and three events, or something like that? I was saving it for my birthday, and now I'm late...

Historical Happenings of April 15th:

1452: Leonardo da Vinci
1843: Henry James
1933: Elizabeth Montgomery
1955: Dodi Al-Fayed
1959: Emma Thompson
1965: Linda Perry
1966: Samantha Fox

1980: Jean-Paul Sartre
1998: Pol Pot (Cambodian dictator)
1990: Greta Garbo and Ava Gardner
2001: Joey Ramone

1865: Abraham Lincoln dies after being shot by John Wilkes Booth.
1912: The Titanic sinks a few hours after striking an iceburg.
1943: An Allied bomber attack accidentally hits the Belgian town of Mortsel, leaving 936 civilians dead.
1986: The United States launch Operation El Dorado Canyon against Libya.
1989: A human stampede occurs at a football stadium in Sheffield, England, resulting in the loss of 96 lives.
1997: Fire sweeps through a campsite of Muslims making the Hajj pilgrimage; the official death toll is 343.
2002: An Air China Boeing 767-200 crashes into hillside near Pusan, South Korea, killing 128.

That was intense, wasn't it? Most of the "events" belong under the "deaths" category. Hey, remember that rumor that Linda Perry had died?