June 29th, 2006


Because my photo-post backlog is only very large...

From starkodama:

Please comment here if there is anything in my life that you'd like to see a picture of! ^^ Anything aside from private parts, that is! Is there anything/anyone that you'd like to see? I will try to take a picture and use it in a future post! ^^

I'm sooo behind on photos. It's been two months since my parents were in Dubai and I haven't sorted through those yet! Hundreds of pictures of Ghana, a few crazy nights with the Dubai Superfriends... but for you I'll document the topics of your choosing!

World Cup & Emirates Airline

I lived on the 42nd floor of this building. "We all speak one language. Football."

"One game unites us all. Fly Emirates. Keep Discovering." This ad was in the downtown area of Accra, Ghana, in front of a cafe where seemingly the entire nation gathered to watch Ghana defeat the USA. How did those clever Emirates marketing people know where everybody was going to watch the game?