July 4th, 2006


Food, By Request

For octal, pongatari, and doc_cathode, who requested pictures of food and food production.

Open-face sandwiches we serve on board a couple of hours after lunch. Sardines with sun-dried tomatoes, grilled chicken, bleu cheese with walnuts, and smoked beef.

Calzones that Don made today. Some are barbecue chicken, and some have pizza sauce, cheddar, feta, and black olives.

Burger King at the food court in the mall by our apartment. I ate at Beirut Cafe, but I didn't get a picture.

Where we buy our toiletries

doc_cathode wanted to see where we buy our toiletries and food. The truth is, I buy most of our toiletries in England, Thailand, Singapore, and New York. But when we buy toiletries in Dubai, we buy them at Carrefour. Are you familiar with this French hypermart? It's like Wal-Mart but all the products are different.


Some Clubs in Dubai

These pictures are for octal who wanted to see some clubs in Dubai. These pictures were taken within the last week.

This is an Africa club antivert and I went to with nativeinformant, speed_fetish, dubaiwalla, and bklyn_in_dubai. Can any of you tell me the name of it? Cafe Africana or something? It's next door to an Indian club that dubaiwalla encouraged us follow him to; we weren't in there five seconds before we realized we should leave, quickly.

This is Rocky's, a Filipino club in the Regent Palace hotel. We went there with Nick (one of the Superfriends we met on our Sri Lanka trip last December), after Ghana was defeated by those cheating Brazilians. There were five or six female performers, but I somehow managed to take pictures only of the guys. Like the Africa club, it was well black-lit and the live music was better than expected.

Dubai Night Sky?

To doc_cathode, I have to concur that taking pictures of the Dubai night sky is "difficult;" at least, with our little Fujifilm FinePix F10 it is difficult. I've tried; I'm a huge fan of the moon, and Dubai is just far enough north that we can see a difference in the tilt of the smile of moon between summer and winter. Sometimes I try to capture the image, but I've never succeeded. Incidentally, I've never noticed any stars at all from here in Dubai. Maybe they're not visible, or maybe I'm too busy looking at the moon to notice.

So instead, I give you a couple of pictures taken from my friend's apartment's roof.