March 17th, 2007


Saw the Northern Lights!

Last night, somewhere between Greenland and Norway, I visited the cockpit and saw crazy green Northern Lights all over the sky! Wild Mandelbrot cartoons dancing in mid-air, so bright and sharp and animated, and tall - those beams of light looked a couple of thousand feet high, to my eyes. It was the first time I'd seen anything like it!

After about ten minutes of staring awe-struck out of the pitch black cockpit, I skipped through the cabin looking for people who were awake, telling them all, "LOOK OUT THE LEFT SIDE! NORTHERN LIGHTS!" and turning off all the lights in the galleys to encourage people to look. They just moved their headphones and looked at me and went, "Northern lights? Hm, you don't say," and went back to watching The Devil Wears Prada or whatever. But I was excited about it.

I didn't take these pictures - I just picked ones from a Google image search that looked the most like what I saw. The spiraling shape will make you go insane!
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First of many pre-Saint-Paddy's-Day weekend posts!

Anyway, I went to New York with no specific plans, and ended up meeting dubaiwalla and subsequently bklyn_in_dubai. And dubaiwalla says he wants to find this particular guy who sells vegan "dosas" out of his truck. I'm thinking, in Manhattan? A borough of 1.6 million people? Then we somehow walked directly to it, and had a flippin' great meal. I had heard of dosas before but never tried one, and this thing was so fresh and spicy and vegetabley and colorful, that I think I'm converted for life.

Thiru preparing our "Pondicherry" dosas with samosa in the middle.

Samosa in the middle!

One of zillioons of newspaper articles taped to the truck.

Tasty, wow. Hot soup in the styro cup. Yum.

These NYC pictures will probably compromis three or four entries, as I took SO many pictures. To dubaiwalla: It's after 5:00pm in Dubai and I still haven't slept. We were delayed two hours out of New York because of that snow storm. When we took off, I could see the whole city was white. I would imagine that might cramp your plans! Did you make it to some kind of shelter okay? Did you not freeze? Are you alright? I hope the snowstorm didn't totally ruin any of the various plans you had.